Description. Nylon-6,6 (PA66) is semicrystalline polyamide commonly used in fiber applications such as carpeting, clothing, and tire cord.

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Properties Very good physical properties Moisture has significant effect on properties Very good heat resistance Excellent chemical resistance Excellent wear resistance

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Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides. Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that can be

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Physical Properties: ASTM Test Method: Units: Nylon

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Zytel® HTN PPA and Zytel® Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6 Resins in High Temperature and Automotive Chemical Exposure Environments John Gavenonis and Joshua E. McIlvaine

Nylon is very much suitable for hosiery and the knitted fabrics because of its smoothness, light weight and high strength. Nylon is a lustrous fibre.

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Nylon 6 or polycaprolactam is a polymer developed by Paul Schlack at IG Farben to reproduce the properties of nylon 6,6 without violating the patent on its production.

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